You are the most important people in your child’s life and always will be, so we need your help to ensure we continue to build on the foundations you have laid, and they progress to reach their full potential.

We begin this process with a home visit to observe your child in their home environment and the comfort of your own home and complete any necessary paperwork, next we will book in visits for you to attend nursery at different times so your child has opportunity to see all of the nursery routine before starting.

We offer a Happiness Guarantee that is as many visits as is needed until your child is settled and ready for their Nursery Journey to begin. We understand sometimes this can be more of a difficult transition for the parents/ carers rather than the child and so you can contact us at any time to find out how your child is to settle you for the rest of the day, our team are reliable and honest in giving you this feedback and if ever they felt your child needed more visits/ support they would discuss this with you as a child’s Well-being is important to us.

Throughout your child’s time with us, our main focus is to play with your child extend their learning through hands on experiences related to their interests. We will document their journey of learning and development, as your child will be a focus child throughout a term in which we will send home sheets to ensure we work together to support your child throughout their journey at Field View, it is vital you complete this to ensure your child’s learning and development is tailored to their individual needs and interests. This is unique to them and enables us to discuss our observations with you and offers you the opportunity to give us feedback on how your child is developing at home.

Sharing information between home and nursery is useful for parents and the tribe as it provides a complete picture of your child’s learning. When you collect your child, their person will tell you all about his or her day, activities and achievements. A more formal review of progress will take place three times a year, this will be an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and discuss any areas for development.