Settling In

Coming to nursery will often be your child’s first experience alone into the larger world outside the family and home. We recognise this can be a daunting time for both you and your child. All children are different – some may settle in very quickly, whilst others need a little more time that is why at Field View Day Nursery, we offer a Happiness Guarantee (as many visits as needed until your child is happy & confident, and they are ready for their Curious journey to begin).

Reassurance and patience are given through a tailored transition period, ensuring the child’s emotional well-being is at the centre. Your child will be assigned a keyperson who will attend a Home visit with a member of the leadership & management tribe and be responsible for ensuring that your introduction to nursery goes as smoothly as possible, and we have all the relevant paperwork ready for when your child starts (during this time, you will also be requested to provide all necessary information, such as contact telephone numbers, names of people who will collect your child on a regular basis, sleeping and feeding routines, food likes and dislikes, interests and so on. We will also need to see the child’s red book and Birth Certificate).

Our aim is to ensure that children’s routines reflect where possible what they are used to doing at home, time spent on settling in, is time well invested for your child’s security and confidence, most importantly their well-being.
We ask that you stay in the room with your child during the first session, building up to gradually leaving the room for short periods of time and you will be able to sit in our entrance and have a hot drink whilst you wait, if at any point the key person felt your child was unsettled they would come to discuss this with you.

We appreciate this can be a difficult time for parents who have never had to leave their child before or those returning to work therefore, we do not want you to be worried or concerned throughout the day so please feel free to telephone if needed. However, please also understand the tribe are professionals in supporting your child and family through this transition period and have developed skills to support children in the early stages of transition at Field View Day Nursey and throughout any transition the child may go through such as moving to another room, building relationships with a new key person, becoming a sibling, moving house, bereavement, parents separation within the family etc and are always willing to share their strategies furthermore, work in partnership with you in the best interest for your child.

Our Nursery Environment

A high-quality nursery education is much more than learning about colours, how to count and writing names.